Garima Global – Exporter and Manufacturer of high quality pistons

If you are looking for any motor parts for your engines, automobiles, etc., Garima Global Private Limited - Manufacturers and Exporters - is the most preferred destination. It provides a wide range of motor spare parts which include cylinder sleeves, liners, valve guides, pistons, connecting rods, gaskets and other components...Read more

  What are the advantages of induction melting and centrifugal casting in manufacturing cylinder liners?

With technological advancements, good manufacturers are moving from using conventional methods of melting to modern methods that use latest technical know-how. They are not only cost effective but also more environment friendly. Induction melting is now replacing the traditional coal and oil...Read more

  Regular Maintenance of Engine Parts Can Increase the Life Span of Your Vehicle

The regular maintenance of engine parts is the best way to ensure that your engine lasts for many years and performs well. It is possible for motorists not to notice slight changes in performance. If you miss service intervals, the performance of your engine can reduce and in serious cases, a vital part can fail...Read more

  Garima Global – The Export Hub For Auto Components

Day in and day out we read about the various technological advancements that are happening around us, and though people may not consider this fact, but it has a direct impact on the automobile industry as well. With new ....Read more

  Piston Ring Manufacturer in India - Leading the Automobile Technology

Piston rings, which form the sealing surface with the cylinder liner in the combustion chamber are a crucial component. Piston ring set consists of various types of rings that fit into the grooves on the exterior diameter of a piston in reciprocating engines like the internal combustion engines.....Read more

  Reliable and Trustworthy Manufacturer of Cylinder Liners and Sleeves from India

Cylinder sleeves and liners are vital components of engines. The cylinder sleeves sold today usually find application in petrol, marine and diesel compressor engines for both light and heavy commercial vehicles in addition to cars, tractors....Read more

  Reach Connecting Rods Manufacturers in India for High-Quality Components

Connecting rods are the engine components that transfer motions from the piston to the crankshaft and work as lever arms. The material commonly used to make these components is cast aluminum alloy. A connecting rod is able to....Read more

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